Hope the Assistance Dog in Training

Hope is part of #teamwaggydog and belongs to Andrew, our new Apprentice.  Andrew will be training Hope to be an autism assistance dog and will be working with some of the very best trainers in the UK.

Great Achievements

Hope has been with Andrew and his family for a few weeks now and there is already a massive bond between them.  At only 12 weeks old Andrew has already demonstrated his natural ability with dogs. Hope is sitting, waiting politely for food, giving a paw and she is already fully toilet trained!  This is a massive achievement and we are very proud of the hard work Andrew is putting in.

Getting it Right

Andrew has been taking Hope for her health checks and vaccinations and has her fully insured.  The next steps are getting Hope to our dog classes and she should be able to attend very soon.

Hope getting a health check at the vet.

Princess Hope?

As with any puppy there is lots of good things but always a few curve balls.  Things like being in the garden and taking a penchant to eating the wooden gazebo.  Would this puppy really do this?

Gazebo? What me? Ive just being lying here....

Whats Next?

Next steps for Hope and Andrew are enjoying getting to know each other, puppy classes and working hard towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze award.

Whilst working on her manners Hope also has to be socialised to ensure she gets accustomed to every day noises and environments.  For example, buses, trains, road traffic etc.

She will be easily identifiable in public spaces as she will have The Waggy Dog Project jacket  and her handler Andrew will have her ID.  We recently tried a jacket on her but it was a little big but we know in a few months she will be filling the gaps.   First and foremost she needs to get used to a collar and lead.

Does this look big on me?


We will post updates with Andrew and Hopes progress over the coming months.

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